We can only do what we have always practiced – to do something new requires new practices.

Richard J. Hews

As an Organizational Leadership and Change Coach, Richard’s passion lies in helping leaders realize their organization’s vision in ways that both inspire and develop employees. They understand that trust and teamwork are irrevocably intertwined with performance, but are struggling with how to deliver that. As founder of Pathways of Growth, he develops the tools and practices your business needs to achieve a healthy self-sufficiency.

Richard’s assessment tools and workshops are designed to help leaders open and guide the conversations of trust that are at the heart of every successful endeavor. Through his partnership with Moore Business Solutions, he develops Team Conversation Surveys that drive performance-enhancing communication. He’s been described as “masterful” in creating workshops and retreats that deliver clear vision and direction for leaders and teams, leaving the organization with practices that enhance sustainable performance.

With over 30 years of executive management experience in the UK and US, Richard’s history in Pharmaceutical Research and Development spans the disciplines of Statistics, Project Management and Strategic Management. His leadership includes building a department responsible for clinical program statistical design and analysis that resulted in billion dollar therapies. Richard has also led multidisciplinary change initiatives targeting improvements in the performance of drug development.

Richard is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, an Ontological Coach certified by the Newfield Network, and a Somatic Coach certified by the Strozzi Institute. He is also certified in the practices of Organizational Execution and Generative Leadership in the 3-year Coaching Excellence in Organizations program offered jointly by the Institute of Generative Leadership and Newfield Network. He holds a Masters degree in Statistics.

Giving Back
Richard served six years on the Board of Safe Futures of Southeastern Connecticut, with two years as the Board President. Richard continues to help grow a sustainable financial future for this Center, which provides safety and support to those affected by sexual assault and domestic violence. He regularly coaches leaders of non-profit organizations, especially those who provide opportunities and support to young adults.

Pathways Partners

Laura McCafferty, Inspired Coaching

Laura McCafferty the Principal of Inspired Coaching & Development and is a certified ontological coach, workshop leader and facilitator. Laura represents a new kind of leader that links action, value, meaning, and healthy spaces for human interaction.

Dave Hasenbalg, Customized Solutions

Dave Hasenbalg has spent the last 20 years leading, coaching, and consulting businesses to build collaborative cultures to enable them to make a mark in their industry. He helps organizations find solutions to real-world challenges by illuminating blind spots, building collaborative teams, and coordinating action that produces results.

Newell is the co-founder of East West Leadership Coaching where he collaborates with leaders to develop healthy organizations people love to work in that are good neighbors locally and globally.  For the past 14 years he has partnered with senior leaders and their teams to produce changes that last.  His approach might be thought of as creating and putting into practice a living, breathing strategic plan for one. He assists leaders to develop the mindset, skillset and toolset needed for success in today’s VUCA times.

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