Rate Your Trustworthiness

STATEMENT Rarely Sometimes Usually
1 Acknowledge role in a missed commitment
2 Apologize for letting a colleague/client down
3 Complain to colleagues who fail to deliver on their promises
4 Do what is good for colleague/client even if it conflicts with your personal interests
5 Help your colleagues/clients deliver on their commitments
6 Make amends for breaking a promise
7 Renegotiate delivery dates if delays are unavoidable
8 Speak positively about colleagues' strengths outside of the team
9 Address productivity issues with your colleagues and/or clients
10 Ask for help if you don't have the answer
11 Deliver your commitments on time
12 Establish a climate of respect and trust
13 Hold others accountable for delivering goals
14 Make self-growth and development a priority
15 Resolve conflict with colleagues
16 Support your colleagues/clients in public
17 Admit openly if you don't have an answer
18 Communicate openly and clearly
19 Demonstrate commitment to colleagues' success
20 Have conversations about concerns with staff
21 Keep your word to your colleagues/clients
22 Raise issues of trust directly with colleagues/clients
23 Show respect for the concerns of all colleagues/clients
24 Thank staff for meeting their commitments

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