“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

Team Pathways

Team Performance
We all know what good teamwork looks and feels like. We also know how uncomfortable and unproductive it is when teamwork is missing. However, it isn’t always clear what’s missing in a team that’s underperforming or how to replicate the ‘secret sauce’ of successful teams.

Successful Teams
High-performing teams are aligned and focused on agreed objectives that meet the needs and produce value for their customers. They develop practices of coordinating action, anticipating challenges and problems and developing creative solutions. They trust each other and are continually learning and growing by paying attention to each other’s needs.

The Key to Faster Results
Teams that stand out from the rest know which conversations to hold and when. We use the Team Conversation Survey from Pathways of Growth and Collaborative Solutions to understand your current team strengths and areas for development; then co-create practices tailored to your team, to guide you through the conversations necessary for all healthy teams. We help you promote a culture of open and honest feedback that underpins superior performance. Successful teams don’t shy away from the difficult conversations but engage in them with respect and without losing sight of the overall objectives.


Team Tune Up Workshop

A half-day workshop for leaders and teams who want to improve their performance.

Case Study

A Downloadable Offer For Teams

See how our half-day workshop transformed and inspired this HR team.

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