We Are What We Practice

Welcome to the new Pathways of Growth website and thank you for visiting! I’m excited to be sharing it with you and I look forward to hearing your reactions.

As part of this launch, I committed to writing a bi-weekly blog and I confess that I am finding this a little daunting now that I’ve sat down to get started.

I am reminded that we can only do what we have always practiced. To become more effective at anything requires practice and that includes leadership. I won’t become an expert blogger overnight; neither will you become an effective leader just because you have that title.

Some take the view that Leadership is something that you are born with. I believe that we can all become effective leaders – after all we all lead our own lives! To become an effective leader takes practice. The question then is: “What are the practices of leadership?”

Actually we don’t need to ask, since we already exhibit what we have been practicing to date. If you want to know what a leader will be like in the future, look at what they are practicing today. True leadership is built in the muscle.

I will be working on my blog practice; thank you for being (albeit unwittingly) my practice partner, and I am interested to hear about your leadership practices. What are you working on (for example practicing gratitude or listening more carefully to your colleagues) and how is it working out for you?

In the meantime, I’ll let you know how I get on with the blogging – but then again you’ll probably be letting me know!