Whitepaper: Leaders as Strong Customers

A Downloadable Insight For Leaders

The role of a Leader is to move an organization forward toward a vision. This requires
leaders to excel in inspiring and mobilizing an organization and to be a strong customer
for the promises that individuals, teams and other groups make to contribute to
achieving that vision. What makes a strong customer and why is it so important for a
leader to have these skills?
In this paper we will explore the key steps and skills in becoming an effective customer.
Without this expertise, at best there will be wasted effort, wastage of resources and
disaffected performers. At worst, the leader’s vision and goals will not be realized.
The ideas and background to this paper are based on material from Fernando Flores and
made accessible by Robert Dunham in the Coaching Excellence in Organization program
sponsored jointly by the Newfield Network and the Institute of Generative Leadership.

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